Vocalize Newsletter

Notes from the Director:

Good morning all!

A few updates for you… 

A separate email will be coming out soon with information for our domestic tours this year –   our Concert Choir, Troubadours, BaronTones, Le Petit Neuf and Les Chanteurs all doing a fabulous in-state tour of the Golden State! Our Baron Choir & Trouveres will be doing their annual overnight music festival trip to San Diego/SeaWorld.     Information will be given out and discussed with all students on Tuesday (today).    Watch for an email with more specific information for all parents….   I hope most of our students will take advantage of these extraordinary experiences offered through travel.

Many of you saw the really cool long sleeve t-shirts that our Concert Choir wore on the field at the Edison-Bell Game on Oct 27th! They are super comfy and very classic!    If you are interested in ordering one of these shirts, please have your student sign up for you in class….   adult t-shirt sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL)…   cost is $20 each, checks payable to VMPA.

Have a great week!

Mr. Tison 

Vocal Music Parent Association (VMPA)

We have over 30 board positions in the VMPA and we sure appreciate all the support provided by our wonderful parents. We have only a few positions left to be filled and would love to have you join us. Please let John Damitz (VMPA President) know if you have any interest in any of the following positions: (1) Troubadour Gig Coordinator; (2) Troubadour Transportation; (3) Fountain Valley Singers (Middle School) Parent Rep; and (4) SCRIP Coordinator. Be the first to email, text or call John at jhdamitz@gmail.com or 714-336-3478, so you don’t miss out.

We have an urgent need for the Troubadour Gig Coordinator position, as this position deals mostly with events around the holiday season and the requests are starting to come in. Please let me know as soon as you can if you are able to help out. This position does not have many responsibilities after the holiday season (if at all), so this is a good position to fill if you might be busier later in the school year.  Email, text or call John at jhdamitz@gmail.com or 714-336-3478.