Vocalize Newsletter

Notes from Mr. Tison

Happy Soggy Monday!

It’s a busy week around the Vocal Music Program as we prepare for our annual bombardment of love to the FVHS Campus, delivering literally thousands of singing grams to our students, faculty and staff.

THIS YEAR – we have an added opportunity to throw into the mix….A Valentine Dinner/Dessert Showcase, hosted by our Troubadours and featuring music by all of our Concert Choir singing grams, as well as the Troubadours.  This event will take place on Tuesday, February 14th from 6-8 p.m. and will include a fantastic Italian dinner, cheesecake dessert and some stellar entertainment!   Best of all, it is a fundraiser that gives back to our students, helping our Troubadours in their expenses to perform in Minneapolis next month.   

Please see the flyer attached for more information….and I hope we can count on you to attend and support.  Invite ALL of our family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, church friends, etc….    We promise a fun, lighthearted and beautiful evening for your Valentine’s Day!    Thanks so much in advance for your support!

Have a great week.

Mr. Tison 

This Weeks Events

  • February 10th (F) A Valentine Showcase Reservations Due (Room 307)
  • February 10th (F) Scrip Order Due (Room 307)
  • February 13th (M) Lincoln’s Birthday

Student Accounts

  • Upcoming Tour Payment Due Dates:
    • CC Hawaii Tour – Next payment due: Wednesday, March 1st
      • Member 5th payment – $400 
      • Non-Member 5th payment – $400
      • Chaperone 5th payment – $400
    • LC Las Vegas Tour – Next payment due:  Wednesday, March 1st
      • Member 5th payment – $100
      • *Non-Member 5th payment – $100
      • Chaperone 5th payment – $100
    • BC/TV San Diego Sea World Tour – Next payment due:  Wednesday, March 1st
      • Member Final payment – $65
      • Non-Member Final payment – $85
      • Chaperone Final payment – $45
    • Finding Neverland Broadway Field Trip (Thurs., Feb 21) – Payment envelopes went home the last week of January with your final balance due for your Finding Neverland tickets.  Please submit your payment ASAP as we are trying to finalize ticket count.  

New Announcements 

  • A Valentine Showcase  Please join us for a Dinner and Show featuring our Concert Choir and Troubadours on February 14th from 6 to 8 pm. Please see the attached reservation form for more details. Also note that there is no option for come and listen.  Attendance is by reservation only.

  • Scrip – Don’t see a store you are looking for on the order form we sent?  No problem!  Go to GLscrip.com for more vendors! On the website under retailers you will find the percentage and denomination available and just write them in on a blank line of the order form.

Upcoming Events

  • February 14th (T) CC – Valentine Gram delivery and Valentine Dinner Showcase (FVHS Cafeteria 6:00 – 8:00 pm Reservations only)
  • February 17th (F) Scrip Order Delivered (Room 307)
  • February 20th (M) Washington’s Birthday
  • February 21st (T) Finding Neverland Field Trip
  • February 24th (F) Scrip Order Due (Room 307)
  • February 25th (Sa) TB – USC Spring Festival – all day


  • March 1st (W) Tour Payments Due for all choirs (Room 307)
  • March 3rd (F) Scrip Order Delivered (Room 307)
  • March 5th (Su) TB – ACDA Preview Concert (Riverside City College 3:00 pm)
  • March 8th (W) – March 12th (Sa) TB – ACDA National Conference (Minneapolis MN)
  • March 10th (F) Scrip Order Due (Room 307)
  • March 17th (F) Scrip Order Delivered (Room 307)
  • March 21st (T) FVS – Spring Concert / Picnic
  • March 24th (F) Scrip Order Due (Room 307)
  • March 24th (F) TB – CSUF Spring Festival (afternoon)
  • March 25th (Sa) The Voice of Fountain Valley (FVHS Gym 6:15 pm)
  • March 29th (W)  Spring Showcase & Senior Recognition (First Congregational Church – Long Beach 7:00 pm)
  • March 31st (F) Scrip Order Delivered (Room 307)
  • March 31st (F) – April 1st (Sa) BC & TV – San Diego Heritage Festival (leave am / return pm)


  • April 5 (W) – April 10th (M) CC – Hawaii Music Festival Tour (Marriott Waikiki Beach Resort leave pm / arrive pm)
  • April 7th (F) Scrip Order Due (Room 307)
  • April 14th (F) Scrip Order Delivered (Room 307)
  • April 21st (F) Scrip Order Due (Room 307)
  • April 26th (W) CC – “Master Work Concert” & Alumni Showcase (St. Wilfrid’s Church HB 6:45 pm)
  • April 28th (F) Scrip Order Delivered (Room 307)
  • April 28th (F) – April 30th (Su) LC – Las Vegas Tour


  • May 5th (F) Scrip Order Due (Room 307)
  • May 12th (F) Scrip Order Delivered (Room 307)
  • May 19th (F) Scrip Order Due (Room 307)
  • May 26th (F) Scrip Order Delivered (Room 307)
  • May 30th (T) – June 1st (Th)  Broadway Rehearsals (FVHS & Rose Center Theater)


  • June 2nd (F) Last Scrip Order of the school year Due (Room 307)
  • June 2nd (F) – June 3rd (Sa) Broadway Finale (Rose Center Theater – Westminster)
  • June 6th (T) Banquet (Rose Center Catering)
  • June 9th (F) Scrip Order Delivered (Room 307)
  • June 11th (Su) TB – Baccalaureate
  • June 14th (W) FVHS – Graduation
  • June 16th (F) FVHS – Last Day of School!

Ongoing Announcements

  • Check out our Vocal Music Website at fvhsvocalmusic.com!    Updates are being made….keep it bookmarked!
  • ALL STUDENTS should visit the website to find Instructional Tools under Student Resources to download and prepare their holiday music in their folders for rehearsal.   The password has been given in class for all students to find access.    This needs to be checked frequently for updates and students receive announcements in class when new postings are made for them to download.
  • Friends of the Program.  Please see the attachment which outlines the different contribution levels. As outlined on the attachment there are many benefits to becoming a Friend of the Program.  This is an excellent way to involve friends and businesses in earning funds for the Vocal Music Program. It also provides an excellent opportunity to receive significant contributions credited to your student(s) account. Please contact Gary Green at garydgreen1@gmail.com for more information!

  • Scrip is just another term for gift cards.  Scrip fundraising is an easy, no selling program that allows families to raise money for choir activities by using gift cards, or scrip, to pay for everyday purchases.  How is works is when you purchase a gift card at face value the VMPA purchases the cards at a discount.  The difference is then split 90% to your students account and 10% to VMPA for administration. For more information on how scrip works please use this link: Scrip Bullets.  Any questions contact fvhsschoirscrip@gmail.com or Ken Hanson (714) 654-1525
  • Communities for Cause is another no selling fundraiser.  “Connecting the causes you care about with the places you shop.”  Donating to your school or cause has never been easier.  Simply shop with a list of local merchants supporting our program and they will donate a percent of each sale to your school/cause!  Download the app for free from the i-Tunes or Google Play App Store on your smart phone.  When you register select “FVHS Vocal Music Program” as your cause! 

Information and Forms