Orange County Register has been extended. The due date has been pushed back until Friday, December 15th.

If you do not have a current subscription I encourage you to sign up.

Here’s why…

If you pay $1 with a check or credit card, you will receive $14 back for your child’s account. However, if you pay $5 with a check or credit card, your student will receive $70 back into their student account. If you choose to pay cash, the amount is much less, but you will still get a few dollars back for each subscription.

You can have up to 5 subscriptions per household. All subscriptions will be verified, so make sure that the name on the subscription matches the name on the check or credit card of the subscriber and the delivery address.

Check this out…

***If you go to 5 residents and they each buy 5 subscriptions by check or credit card your student will receive $375. Please remember to follow the guidelines because all subscriptions will be verified!!!

If you have any questions, contact Jacque Dahl.


Please see the attached flyer for details