Students wishing to audition for next year’s choirs should start preparation now. Listed below are music selections and audition process details.



1. Please reserve your audition time and STICK TO IT! No erasing…
2. Auditions for TROUB 1st round covers you for ALL choir placement!
3. If auditioning for Troubadours, you must have 2 periods free for the following year.
4. Once you are placed on a final roster, you are expected to honor that decision!
5. Bring all the forms needed (TB Permission, VMPA, TB Commitment,)
6. No need to bring AUDITION FORM (will be provided at audition).
Most importantly….
CONFIDENCE comes from PREPARATION….and then relax!
Everyone is wanting you to give your very best!

Read More Here:

TB – Audition INFO & COMMIT FORM 18-19

TB – Permission to Audition

All – VMPA Volunteer Sign Up


Tonal Memory Examples

If Ever I Would Leave You

Blog High Blow Low

O Mistress Mine

Where Go the Boats

Vittoria Mio Core

Loves Philosophy

Weepin Mary

Beau Soir

Panis Angelicus

I Attempt From Love’s Sickness to Fly