Dear Vocal Music Families,

My name is Ellen Johnson and I am pleased to be serving our Vocal Music families this year as the Scrip Coordinator. I have a daughter in the Trouveres and a son in the Fountain Valley Singers which gives me the extra incentive to bring you this fabulous fundraising opportunity. I am excited because this fundraiser allows our students to reap the rewards of our everyday shopping to benefit their personal Vocal Music accounts as well the Vocal Music Program in general. However, the best part is that the process is so easy that you will use it all the time. Not to mention, the holidays are upon us so there’s no better time to start!

For those of you who have used Scrip in the past, the process is even easier now! Of course you can still order physical cards using the standard paper order form, but you can also purchase physical cards, e-cards and reload cards online using and pay online using PrestoPay which is enabled. This program even allows you to instantly get gift cards on the go using a mobile app which you can get at As an extra bonus, you can have extended family and friends sign up to support your student with this fundraiser. Please email me at and let me know the names of your family and friends who are signing up to support your students so I can verify that they are part of our organization.

I have attached some helpful documents to get you signed up with and PrestoPay as well as the paper order form (if you decide to go that route) but here’s some frequently asked questions.

How do I order?

  1. Use the order form included in the packet (you can print extras online at the VMPA website).  Fill it out and return it to Mr. Tison in the choir room along with your check/money order made payable to VMPA.

  2. Order online: You may order online at  Please use the following enrollment code for the Fountain Valley Vocal Music Program:  Code # 3B4E63BE1L356 Then set up your family Presto Pay account so that you can pay directly online. Be sure to email me at once you have an approval code so that I can manually verify that you are part of our organization.

  3. I will collect and place the order on Friday afternoon after I have picked up the paper orders from the choir room on Friday morning.  Please make sure that you place your paper orders by Thursday to ensure that I get the form on Friday morning.  If you are making online orders, please make sure that you input your order by Thursday night so I can verify on Friday.  Thanks!

  4. Orders will be hand delivered to the choir room on Fridays and given to your son/daughter to take home.

Happy Shopping!

Ellen Johnson


See attached