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Troubadours, Concert Choir, Le Petit Neuf, Baron Tones, Les Belles Voix, Baron Choir & Trouveres, & Modern Music Production

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Our program is best known for its vast musical repertoire, extensive travel, student culture, and leadership opportunities. Our goal is to have a great time making music and connections with their peers. Earn your Performing Arts credit by joining one of the best, most successful programs on campus!

We have a place for everyone in the Vocal Music Family regardless of musical experience or skill level!



Advanced Mixed Chamber Ensemble

Concert Choir

Advanced Mixed Ensemble

Le Petit Neuf

Specialty Group – Jazz

Baron Tones

Specialty Group – All Boys Ensemble

Les Belles Viox

Intermediate/Advanced Treble Choir

Baron Choir & Trouveres

Beginning Boys & Girls

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