Tours & Festivals

The Vocal Music Program enjoys a very active travel schedule, allowing students unique opportunities to perform in some of the most recognized competitions and festivals across our country, as well as some of the most historic and iconic venues. In addition, tours have taken our students on three tours of Western Europe and will soon be pointing us to Croatia and Italy for another outstanding performance experience.

Tours are completely optional and are fee-based. Each tour is planned as a comprehensive educational experience….with students, and chaperones, experiencing life-changing memories, including great attention to history, culture, and recreation, as well as musical performance. Fundraising and many opportunities are provided to help students financially participate in the many tours and festivals that are offered, both locally and abroad. VMPA stands by the commitment that money will not be an obstacle to a hard-working, dedicated Vocal Music student.

2017-2018 Tour Information will soon be available!
Please refer to the dates, prices and payment plan information for your particular tour(s). Each student and chaperone attending a tour must complete the Tour Participation Agreement. If paying by credit card through the online STORE, the student should bring the completed and signed agreement to class, to be turned in to Mr. Tison.

Chaperone slots are also available to be secured now. Any parents or family members should email Mr. Tison directly at to get signed up for a tour.

GENERAL NOTES regarding tour payments, student accounts, etc.
**Please make all payments by the appropriate due dates! Refer to Payment Plan for each tour.
**If a payment will be delayed, please contact Mr. Tison to advise. Fundraising credits will be applied to student accounts as it is earned and will be used to offset the following month’s tour installment.
**All checks are payable to VMPA and can be placed in the white mailbox in class or paid by credit card
online at All payments made in class must be submitted in a pre-printed payment envelope with completed information.
**Applications for a LIMITED amount of tour assistance funds will be made available in early January. Any tour assistance received by a student will offset the February or March installments. Please contact Mr. Tison directly for more information on how you can help some of our students with tour scholarships! If you would like to help another student have the resources to go on tour, we would happily welcome your confidential and tax-deductible gift and apply it to our tour assistance fund.
**If you have questions about your student account or would like to apply any existing credit to the
upcoming deposit or installments, contact VMPA Student Accounts Coordinator Sue Mundi at You can always GET ANSWERS to your questions on the website.
**If you have any questions about a tour, or would like to volunteer for tour chaperoning, please
contact Mr. Tison directly at CHAPERONES are first-come, first onboard….do not delay in securing your spot!